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What's next
Saturday 5 september 2015

What will we do when:

  • we get near Schulmann?
  • the boat sinks?
  • Schulmann summons something or a lot of things?


The Seer's Stone
Hail Sigmar!







Top to bottom: Warm welcome, Audience at Adler’s, Schulman’s study, River Tranig, Finding a fisherman, MS Colander

Gobspite's Lightning Reflexes
It's lonely at the top


Gobspite put up a good fight.


With Gobspite gone, the other goblins fled into the mountains. As we had expected, Flea was the only survivor of the horrible event. Her parents were probably fed to the troll. We put everything of value we could carry on the cart, locked the gate and brought Flea to the Ackerland farm.

Flea’s Future

The Ackerlands are willing to adopt Flea, but I also see a role for Adler in this. It’s his duty to protect the people in and around his town, and he really failed Flea miserably. I will ask Adler to give Flea the best possible future. She can be on the farm to learn everything about farming, but at times when she can be missed on the farm, she can go to Stromdorf to learn other valuable things. Kessler can teach her how to wield Acitus (she said she wants to become an adventurer) and of course she should learn how to read and write.

So back to Stromdorf it is…


The farm that these goblins have run over is well protected, but with some help of my night vision we found a good spot to get across the palisades. We entered the farmstead behind the big barn. The good thing about that was that we immediately knew that we were outnumbered by at least 20 to 1. We considered stealth to be the best way to handle this situation and proceeded using the shadows and every possible cover to get from building to building.
In the smithy we stumbled upon Flea, the six year old daughter of the farmer. She told us how the entire Bauer family had been captured a week ago. Flea thinks her family and the two farm hands are being held in the basement of the family house.
Baumer_Farm_Watchtower_Goblin_arrers.JPG From the smithy we witnessed how the goblin shaman leader incinerated an annoying goblin during the shaman’s speech. We were very inpressed with the power of the shaman so we tried to be even more careful from then on.
We knew this shaman had to be taken by surprise and then killed asap: the same procedure we used on Madtooth, the beastman leader.
The other scary thing we noticed was the fact that the goblins kept a troll in the house’s pantry: very entertaining! Fortunately they kept him locked up so we could enter the house by the barrel chute without having to be afraid of being spotted by the troll. The basement held no relatives of Flea and the two goblins that were there, were too drunk to realise what we were there for :-).
The goblins did get a break when, during our effort to sneak up the stairs to where we believed the shaman resided, one of the steps creaked and the guards on the landing sprang into action.

Ackerland under attack
Cattle thieves

Upon return from the Garden of Morr, Mayor Adler was very happy about how everything had worked out. However, there was a new problem at hand: the bad weather had destroyed some of the stored produce and the local farmers were being robbed of their cattle by some unknown brigands.
Geubel Ackerland is taking us to his farm so we can help him get rid of this nuisance. The culprits are using fungi to put the look outs to sleep, so they can take some of the cattle unhindered every second night. We are of course not that easily fooled! Ackerland_Farm.JPG When we surprise them by not succumbing to their tactics, they run off to their hiding place. Of course they are night goblins, but with some help of my night vision we are able to stay close enough on their tail to find out that they have taken up residence in a neighbouring farm.

Darkness falls across the lands
No spoilers

We left with another piece of the shattered amulet and everyone important still intact.


The Ossuary
Bad to the Bone


So we got into the mausoleum to get away from the zombies in the graveyard. And we were very happy the zombies didn’t understand how to open a door. But once inside we got welcomed by some skeletal nasties. The entire entrance hall to the mausoleum was decorated as an ossuary. Everywhere you looked you saw bones. There even was a chandelier made of bones! Unfortunately for us the magic in this room was quite strong: for every skeleton we put down, another seemed to rise from the piles of bones scattered around!
When we finally got rid of all of them, it was time to descend into the crypt.
Here we met my good buddy Waltrout again.


Garden of More
Experience of a Deadtime

Our feeling of confidence got a bad hit when we got out of the entrance hall and into the cemetery proper. We started to think we were zombie magnets. Everywhere we walked zombies came out of the ground by the half a dozen.
Pretty soon we were overwhelmed and the only likely place of refuge seemed the mausoleum. Once inside we found out, to our relieve, that zombies have no clue as to how to open a door. Their numbers kept on swelling but we were safe inside.

The Ossuary

The Coffin Track

On our way to the Garden of Morr we met Waltrout Glöckinger. What a creep! He didn’t seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed but after Max spoke some nice words to him, Waltrout turned out to be of help by telling us that after ringing the bell near the riverside, Brother Grabbe would come and transport us across the river on his raft. So we rang the bell, but Brother Grabbe didn’t show up. That made Waltrout a little anxious. We decided that one of us had to swim across and get the raft. And that’s what we did. I didn’t want to take Waltrout across with us, but my gullible human companions felt sorry for him and didn’t want to leave him alone in the pouring rain.

The terrible weather persisted when we went into the subterranean entrance of the cemetery. Waltrout disappeared from sight the moment we entered the first dark hallway. I couldn’t help saying “I told you so” to my fellow young fools :-). Within the next minute we had our first encounter with some undead.
Quite easy when your opponent is moving really slow. I felt like being in the Matrix the way I could position myself to do maximum damage. Still, I hope they don’t show up by the hundreds as we’re about to enter the cemetery proper.


Garden of More

Good Mourning at Adler's
I Have A Dream

Burgomeister Adler explained to us that, after last night’s zombie attack, he is in dire need of people that want to protect his city. Captain Kessler has his guards working around the clock, so there is no one available to run an important errant.
Adler had a dream last night. In it Madriga asked to save her, whilst holding onto the silver pendant that Adler gave her when she was still alive. Madriga drowned herself in the town well.
Adler wants us to fetch Brother Grabbe from the Garden of Morr. He knows a lot about explaining dreams and the walking dead. Captain Kessler is afraid his town will be attacked by hordes of the Undead, just like the time when local hero Olaus Stichhelm was able to save Stromdorf. Kessler expects Lazarus Mourn, a necromancer burned at the stake a year ago, to be involved.
With 50 silver per person as a reward, we gladly accept the job; the cemetery is only a mile away from the town!

The Coffin Track


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