Amsterdam plays The Gathering Storm

Gobspite's Lightning Reflexes

It's lonely at the top


Gobspite put up a good fight.


With Gobspite gone, the other goblins fled into the mountains. As we had expected, Flea was the only survivor of the horrible event. Her parents were probably fed to the troll. We put everything of value we could carry on the cart, locked the gate and brought Flea to the Ackerland farm.

Flea’s Future

The Ackerlands are willing to adopt Flea, but I also see a role for Adler in this. It’s his duty to protect the people in and around his town, and he really failed Flea miserably. I will ask Adler to give Flea the best possible future. She can be on the farm to learn everything about farming, but at times when she can be missed on the farm, she can go to Stromdorf to learn other valuable things. Kessler can teach her how to wield Acitus (she said she wants to become an adventurer) and of course she should learn how to read and write.

So back to Stromdorf it is…



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