Amsterdam plays The Gathering Storm

How we met

Dice, dice, baby!


The weather is insane. Of course, I am tough as nails, but I see my newly acquired companions suffering. Never quite certain with humans if it is their youth and inexperience or just some racial flaw, but both Belros and Max look exhausted. It seems that only Felix’ upbeat spirit is keeping them from falling over.

I met Belros and Max in Ubersreik. We stayed in the same inn: Brash Bob’s Bed & Breakfast. They’d only met eachother there an hour before I arrived and it was because of Felix that we got into a conversation. He’s a funny little dog. Quick and ferocious. Makes me think of Kazan.
A difference of at least 120 pounds, but with the same resolve. Grimnir, how I miss that hund! Max told me he had used Felix for his ratcatching practices. Being in the sewers for most of his days, Max had decided that he wanted his life to be more of an adventure. The World Edge Mountains have a reputation of being a wondrous place with lots of hidden treasure, so that was what he was headed for. Belros told a similar story. He started out as a scholar in the Bright College, got bored sitting in dank rooms, and now is looking for knowledge in the outside world of perilous adventure. I don’t care much for human wizardry. Most of my problems can be solved with a solid nudge of the spiked mace. But Belros is into magic that has its uses in battle. Calls himself a Fire Wizard. Has a full head of hair, so it looks as though there’s at least one element he has some semblance of control over :-)
When I arrived, Belros and Max were discussing where to enter the mountains. Somehow they looked so inexperienced to me that I felt the need to protect them. I told them what I had gone through over the last few months to persuade them to help me on my quest.



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