Amsterdam plays The Gathering Storm


The farm that these goblins have run over is well protected, but with some help of my night vision we found a good spot to get across the palisades. We entered the farmstead behind the big barn. The good thing about that was that we immediately knew that we were outnumbered by at least 20 to 1. We considered stealth to be the best way to handle this situation and proceeded using the shadows and every possible cover to get from building to building.
In the smithy we stumbled upon Flea, the six year old daughter of the farmer. She told us how the entire Bauer family had been captured a week ago. Flea thinks her family and the two farm hands are being held in the basement of the family house.
Baumer_Farm_Watchtower_Goblin_arrers.JPG From the smithy we witnessed how the goblin shaman leader incinerated an annoying goblin during the shaman’s speech. We were very inpressed with the power of the shaman so we tried to be even more careful from then on.
We knew this shaman had to be taken by surprise and then killed asap: the same procedure we used on Madtooth, the beastman leader.
The other scary thing we noticed was the fact that the goblins kept a troll in the house’s pantry: very entertaining! Fortunately they kept him locked up so we could enter the house by the barrel chute without having to be afraid of being spotted by the troll. The basement held no relatives of Flea and the two goblins that were there, were too drunk to realise what we were there for :-).
The goblins did get a break when, during our effort to sneak up the stairs to where we believed the shaman resided, one of the steps creaked and the guards on the landing sprang into action.



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