Amsterdam plays The Gathering Storm

The Coffin Track


On our way to the Garden of Morr we met Waltrout Glöckinger. What a creep! He didn’t seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed but after Max spoke some nice words to him, Waltrout turned out to be of help by telling us that after ringing the bell near the riverside, Brother Grabbe would come and transport us across the river on his raft. So we rang the bell, but Brother Grabbe didn’t show up. That made Waltrout a little anxious. We decided that one of us had to swim across and get the raft. And that’s what we did. I didn’t want to take Waltrout across with us, but my gullible human companions felt sorry for him and didn’t want to leave him alone in the pouring rain.

The terrible weather persisted when we went into the subterranean entrance of the cemetery. Waltrout disappeared from sight the moment we entered the first dark hallway. I couldn’t help saying “I told you so” to my fellow young fools :-). Within the next minute we had our first encounter with some undead.
Quite easy when your opponent is moving really slow. I felt like being in the Matrix the way I could position myself to do maximum damage. Still, I hope they don’t show up by the hundreds as we’re about to enter the cemetery proper.


Garden of More



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