Amsterdam plays The Gathering Storm

The Holtzes

Beesten weer


Marie Holtz and her family

The six of us left for the Holtz farm. On the way we saw that the neighbouring farm, owned by the Eigels, had been burnt to the ground. Upon reaching the Holtzes’ we heard one of the Eigels screaming at Rainer at the top of his lungs….

After we confronted the Holtzes with what we knew, Marie took over the conversation from her denying husband. We felt she wasn’t telling us everything, but was sincere in her reaching out for help anyway. Marie took us away from the farm and into the woods. Here we met Foaldeath.
This half beastman half human asked us for help. He needed the leader of the local beastmen clan, that was terrorizing the area, to die. That way he could take control over the clan and persuade them to stop wreaking havoc on the Holtzes’ and neighboring farms. Foaldeath himself was unable to attempt a coup, because assassinating the current leader, Madtooth, would disqualify him automatically from becoming the next leader. All we had to do was kill Madtooth and steal his source of power; The Lightning Stone.

Beastie Boys



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