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My name is Trum. It means: firm, fixed, secure, strong, sound, vigorous, active and trustworthy. I am from Karak Azul, also known as Iron Peak.

Karak Azul is located in the south of the World Edge Mountains, and is the only southern hold still ruled by Dwarfs. Within its lands lie the richest deposits of iron ore in the whole mountain range, as well as other minerals and gemstones. It’s known as a centre of metalworking and for its weaponsmiths. Most famous is Thorek Ironbrow. He is a dwarf Runelord and master of the weapon workshops of Karak Azul. Thorek Ironbrow is one of the few runelords that use the power of the anvil of doom, forging the most powerful weapons made by Dwarfs, and supplying them to many of the other holds.

In Karak Azul I was born as a noble’s son. Kazrik, son of King Kazador Thunderhorn, is my best friend. About a year ago, the dispicable Orc Warlord Gorfang of Black Crag dab962cb-0405-47ec-a95b-49fe6357cb7b.jpgthought it a good idea to raid our hold. The fighting went on for weeks, with greenskins pouring in and desecrating our halls.

We eventually won that battle, but the losses were almost unbearable: Both my parents lost their lives, Queen Morgana was abducted with Kazrik forced to witness it all whilst being tied to the throne, and my brother Grundi went missing. Kazrik snuck away from Karak Azul in shame within a day after the fighting ended, looking to fulfil his newly sworn Slayer’s Oath to find his mother. With him also gone, all I had left was Kazan.

As Kazan was Grundi’s dog I told him to find his master. Strangely enough, Kazan didn’t head towards the Dark Lands, but instead went to the Empire side of our mountain range. After two weeks of searching we ran into a group of Chaos Thugs. I killed them all. But not before they mortally wounded my last priced possession: I buried Kazan just over 10 miles from Ubersreik. Kazan.jpgWith no real reason to go back to Karak Azul, I’ve been looking for clues that could lead me to my brother Grundi or Crown Prince Kazrik for the past year. All the while I have been supporting myself by winning pitfighting tournaments at night, while investigating during the day. Last week I won a fight that I was told to lose by the pit boss. Just couldn’t let that arrogant elf beat me in front of that many people! So I needed a change of scenery and I decided to visit Ubersreik.

On my way to Ubersreik I ran into a traveller that told me about there being interesting centuries old treasure in some ruins south of the town of Stromdorf. Those ruins are thought to be haunted by something, so nobody has tried anything for at least a century. We might as well join forces and see if this adventuring stuff is something for the three of us. I haven’t been in that area, so for me it’s also a chance to search for clues about my brother and friend in a whole new region.

What do you say?


What are we waiting for lest go

My Story

No clues as to the whereabouts of my brother so far.

My Story

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