Amsterdam plays The Gathering Storm

Good Mourning at Adler's

I Have A Dream

Burgomeister Adler explained to us that, after last night’s zombie attack, he is in dire need of people that want to protect his city. Captain Kessler has his guards working around the clock, so there is no one available to run an important errant.
Adler had a dream last night. In it Madriga asked to save her, whilst holding onto the silver pendant that Adler gave her when she was still alive. Madriga drowned herself in the town well.
Adler wants us to fetch Brother Grabbe from the Garden of Morr. He knows a lot about explaining dreams and the walking dead. Captain Kessler is afraid his town will be attacked by hordes of the Undead, just like the time when local hero Olaus Stichhelm was able to save Stromdorf. Kessler expects Lazarus Mourn, a necromancer burned at the stake a year ago, to be involved.
With 50 silver per person as a reward, we gladly accept the job; the cemetery is only a mile away from the town!

The Coffin Track



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