This is an account of our first experience with WFRP 3rd edition. We created our characters on 8 February 2014 and have been playing The Gathering Storm since. Next month we will be playing our 14th session.

We’ve been playing in the Warhammer World since the early nineties. For a great map go here
It all started with MB’s HeroQuest. HQ_board.jpg

From there we graduated to Advanced Heroquest (played at the Baron’s)

and Warhammer Quest (at Trum’s).

When we had played through all the expansion sets for HQ, AHQ and WQ, I decided that all that wonderful material made for WFRP was a great source for some new WQ adventures. The GM I roleplayed at during the early nineties wanted to throw away all his old 1st edition stuff, but instead he knew I was still playing WQ and asked if I liked to have his collection. The Enemy Within & Shadows over Bogenhafen scenarios we played at my home made the Baron, getting a little fed up with his AHQ system, decide to take a leap of faith and buy every single thing available for WFRP 3rd edition. The great thing about being a ‘little’ older is that you can afford to just buy the lot, whereas twenty years ago that was impossible :-).

Because all of us are no real roleplayers but like to see nice scenery, handouts and maps, the re-writing of the WFRP 1st edition turned out to be a very rich and rewarding source. And of course this 3rd edition, with its plethora of cards, is right up our alley. Together with the scenery we have accumulated throughout the years, we are enjoying the way this new edition has been designed. It really caters to our visual needs. The adventure log will therefore show a lot of iPhone pictures of situations we find ourselves in. I hope you’ll enjoy our account.
The Ackerland Farm

Our group consists of three friends that met at a snookerclub. The Baron(GM), D’Artagnan, and Trum (GM), and Baron’s girlfriend Shorty. Baron GMs all the games at his home, as I do at mine. For Shorty this WFRP 3rd edition is the first time in over twenty years that she is not playing her near invincible ‘World Edge Hammer’ slinging dwarf Shorty at her own home. It gave me the chance to choose a dwarf for once. Usually I am the one playing the wizard. But with this new game we all decided to go for something different. Shorty is playing ratcatcher Max with his loyal dog Felix, D’Artagnan is playing Belros, a Bright College Wizard, and I am playing Trum, a dwarf pitfighter.

So, into a world of perilous adventure it is…
How we met

Amsterdam plays The Gathering Storm

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