Amsterdam plays The Gathering Storm

Ackerland under attack

Cattle thieves

Upon return from the Garden of Morr, Mayor Adler was very happy about how everything had worked out. However, there was a new problem at hand: the bad weather had destroyed some of the stored produce and the local farmers were being robbed of their cattle by some unknown brigands.
Geubel Ackerland is taking us to his farm so we can help him get rid of this nuisance. The culprits are using fungi to put the look outs to sleep, so they can take some of the cattle unhindered every second night. We are of course not that easily fooled! Ackerland_Farm.JPG When we surprise them by not succumbing to their tactics, they run off to their hiding place. Of course they are night goblins, but with some help of my night vision we are able to stay close enough on their tail to find out that they have taken up residence in a neighbouring farm.



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