Amsterdam plays The Gathering Storm

Nomen est Omen

The shattered amulet

The Lightning Stone turned out to be properly named. Benjamin Franklin would have been very interested as this strange piece of marble attracted lightning really well. It made our trip back to Stromdorf a tough one, but we managed to arrive without being struck by lightning.
The story of our adventure attracted a lot of attention. A young wizard that also stayed in our Inn was extremely interested in the stone. He asked if he could take it to his room to study the text that was inscribed on it. I felt a lttle strange around him, but I believe the others trusted him enough to hand him the stone. We figured that with the thing being that heavy this Schulmann fellow wouldn’t be able to run off with it.
Captain Kessler immediately arrested the Holtz family (excluding Maria) and Kila Gobblepot. They were sentenced to hanging for their part in the murder of Florian Wexler.
The night after the trial our Highwater Inn was attacked by a bunch of zombies. A real treat for this TWD fan :-) . We disposed of them and the following morning we were invited to the Adler residence.



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